Common Sense for Working Families

I grew up here, and John and I chose to raise our children here because a working family like ours could have a great quality of life.

We need to keep our community growing and attract good-paying jobs. I’ll work to attract new businesses, while holding the line on tax increases.

Public Safety

I’ll make sure our Sheriff’s office and county jail have the staffing they need to keep people safe. Keep our roads and bridges are open and well-maintained.

Expand the use of programs such as the Veteran’s Court, which aims to provide a hand up to veterans struggling with addiction and other issues.

Defend our Air and Water

Protect clean air and water by supporting clean energy projects across the county.

Fight against government use of eminent domain that seizes private property for big corporations, and protect families against corporations that threaten our clean air and water.

Properly maintain county roads and bridges to protect our rural communities.

Expand Rural Broadband

Expand high-speed internet to all corners of our county. Affordable high-speed internet keeps people in our rural communities connected, and is a key part of keeping our young people at home once they graduate. I’ll work with public and private agencies to make sure no family is left behind.