As Lancaster County Commissioner, I will always put people first. That is my pledge to you.

As your Lancaster County Commissioner, I’ll put people first by: 

  • Ensuring economic opportunity and clearing a path for family businesses to succeed 
  • Advocating for renewable energy sources, including wind and solar
  • Engaging in responsible oversight to protect the rights of landowners, consumers, and families 
  • Preventing the seizure of private land for corporate profit 
  • Refusing to put corporate interest before people by refusing contributions from corporations from the industries regulated by the PSC
  • Preserving our State’s greatest resources: Our land, water, and communities 
  • Expanding access to affordable broadband to grow rural communities
  • Overseeing the implementation of the Next Generation 911 system 
  • Supporting fixed and low income Nebraskans 

I am running for the Lancaster County Commissioner because when important decisions are made about the future of our families, our land, and our community, we need someone who will put people first. My priority is, and will always be, the people of Nebraska. That is my pledge.

The Lancaster County Commissioner’s authority should be used to protect people, not punish businesses. I will balance responsible oversight with the importance of ensuring economic opportunities for all Nebraskans. We want businesses to be able to grow while respecting consumers, landowners, and families.
The PSC is in charge of protecting you from unfair policies and exploitative rates. As a Lancaster County Commissioner, you can trust me to put people first. I will make sure that energy/telephone rates are fair and affordable, grain dealers work for farmers and their families, and infrastructure projects respect landowners' rights.
The PSC recently gave the State of Nebraska the go-ahead to seize people’s land without their consent and allow the Keystone XL pipeline to cut through family farms. As a Lancaster County Commissioner, I would deny Keystone XL and other corporate projects which would seize land from families without permission or a fair deal.
As our State moves into the future, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we must lead on issues of environmental sustainability and clean energy. While on the PSC, I will work to safeguard our environment and promote innovations which reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
Communities across the State are struggling to keep up with a fast-changing economy. One of the major challenges many Nebraskans face is finding reliable internet broadband access. As a Lancaster County Commissioner, I’ll support the development of affordable high-speed internet lines for rural communities.
The Next-Gen 911 program will provide an important update to our emergency response systems. The implementation of this update will be a top priority of mine. We need to give emergency responders the resources and technology they need to do their jobs effectively and save lives.
As a Lancaster County Commissioner, I’ll have the chance to advocate for fixed and low-income Nebraskans. I will defend programs like the Cold Weather Rule and the Nebraska Telephone Assistance Program which help fixed income seniors and working families afford telephone service and energy bills.

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